Clinical Facial Treatments

facial treatments

A group of specialized treatments that bring the skin to a superior level of improvement by initiating corrective actions, and offering the skin greater receptivity to the personalized complementary daily home care skin regime.

Wellspring Signature Facial      128

Using products selected for your skin type and condition, this treatment will purify, revitalize and hydrate. Ideal for the person who has never had the pleasure of experiencing a facial treatment before.    60mins

Puracne Oxygen Facial      156

An oxygenating treatment designed to clear skin congestion, detoxify, and revitalize fatigued, stressed, and dull skin. The skin becomes luminous, healthy, and younger looking.    60mins

Algo Mask Facial      166

A detoxifying treatment that provides instant radiance by hydrating, soothing, decongesting, and brightening the skin while minimizing redness.    60mins

Bio Organic Facial      166

Formulated with the purest, organic ingredients, this treatment is ideal for the sensitive or rosacea-prone skin, and provides long lasting hydration for a purely radiant complexion.    60mins

Wellspring Therapeutic Clinical Facial      160

We recognize that everyone’s skin is different and requires a treatment that will address your unique skins issue. In this advanced clinical treatment done with highly effective therapeutic grade products from our Physicians choice line, the needs of the skin is met and exceeded.    60mins

Wellspring Oxygenating Clinical Facial      169

A powerful, antioxidant treatment that corrects and prevents free radical damage from environmental stressors to the skin. Great for rejuvenating sluggish, depleted skin; leaving a radiant, healthy glow.    60mins

Vitamin C Facial      169

Reverse the aging process with this powerful, antioxidant treatment that stimulate collagen synthesis and replicate elastin, necessary to the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. The skin is provided with a luminous glow and a more even texture and tone.    60mins

Hydro-lifting Facial      166

An intense, hydrating treatment that has a lifting, firming, and regenerating effect on the skin. Fine lines are diminished, and the skin is left deeply re-hydrated and radiant.    60mins

Botinol Facial      186

This innovative, signature anti-aging treatment combines five peptides with retinol to mask all signs of aging. After just one treatment, lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, and the skin appears plumper.    60mins

Collagen Facial      186

An intensive, anti-aging treatment for improved skin regeneration, and cell metabolism. Signs of aging like wrinkles, fatigue, and age-related dehydration are visibly reduced without any invasive procedures. Unequalled for skin renewal.    75mins

Phyto Stem Cell Facial      173

A new generation of anti-aging products that reverses the signs of aging. This treatment utilizes an alliance of three unique innovations including plant stem cells to leave the skin revitalized, soft and luminous, while improving the overall appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven texture.    60mins

Alpha Hydroxy Facial      166

A chemical peel designed to promote exfoliation of the skin’s surface layers and favor cell renewal. Ideal to improve the texture of the skin, reduce the signs of aging, diminish hyper pigmentation, treat acne concerns, and brighten the complexion. A specific peel will be selected based, on skin type, condition, and targeted outcome.    60mins

Note: A series of 6-8 treatments provides best overall results.

Wellspring Detox Deep Pore Facial      156

Ideal for deep cleaning the pores. A customized treatment using products selected for your skin type and condition; to purify, revitalize, and rebalance. Ideal for the person whose pores are clogged.    60mins

Advanced Treatments

advanced treatments

Tired of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, uneven texture and tone, mild to moderate scarring, and loss of elasticity? Experience one or a combination of the following cutting edge treatments that offers rapid, visible results with no downtime.

Enhanced Jessner’s Peels      Starting at 180

A group of innovative, proven light to medium depth peels that offers outstanding results. Blends of lactic, citric, and salicylic acids with resorcinol exfoliates, and brighten; while Kojic acid, and hydroquinone promotes an even skin tone.

A peel is chosen based on your unique skin type, concerns, and goals to deliver outstanding results.    30mins

Blended TCA Peels      Starting at 180

A specially formulated group of Trichloroacetic acid peels specially blended with key ingredients like: hydrating lactic acid, Kojic acid, Azelaic acid, and plumping phytohormones to produce dramatic results without the discomfort and downtime associated with traditional TCA peels.

From the award winning Sensi Peel to the Ultra Peel Forte there is an appropriate peel for everyone.    30mins

Silk Peel Microdermabrasion      255

A non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure using a medical-grade diamond treatment head to simultaneously exfoliate and evacuate, while infusing patient-specific clinical grade serums deep into the dermis. This breakthrough technology targets a variety of conditions such as fine lines, scarring, hyper pigmentation, acne, dullness and dehydration. Your skin will be silky smooth, hydrated, bright and full of the youthful, healthy glow that we all desire.    30mins.    60mins with facial.

Note: A series of 6-8 treatments provides best overall results.

Obagi Radiance Blue Peel      Starting at 180

A highly effective clinical treatment with outstanding results and no downtime. Indicated for a wide range of skin concerns; including photo damage from UV rays, scarring, uneven texture and tone. This treatment provides instant radiance, tighter, smoother, brighter-looking skin after just one use.    30mins

Note: A series of 4-6 peels provides best overall results.

The Powerlight Treatment      176

An advanced, non-invasive, and highly effective treatment that utilizes an innovative, safe photo-pulsation light technology to improve the appearance of the skin easily and painlessly.
This treatment alleviates the effects of aging to produce radiant, plump, smooth skin by diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and unsightly pores.    30mins

Note: A series of 6-8 treatments provides best overall results.

Facial Enhancements

facial enhancements

An additional step to further customize our clinical treatments to enhance the treatment outcome.
(These are not stand alone treatments.)

Ultra Peel II      35

A retinoid booster to promote a bright, even skin tone. Vitamin A exfoliates for a fresher looking skin, while the antioxidant L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Esthetique Peel      Starting at 55

An advanced blend that includes; Vitamin A, Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid), and lactic acid; that promotes smoother, brighter skin, and a radiant complexion.

Alpha Hydroxy Peel      Starting at 55

A gentle, natural fruit acid that exfoliates the skin to instantly brighten while stimulating the production of collagen. It softens fine lines and wrinkles, improves texture and tone, while allowing for better hydration.

Lactic Acid Peel      55

A gentle milk acid with anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties that increase the rate of cell renewal and collagen production, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. This is the perfect peel for sensitive skin types.

Eye Contour Treatment      45

A treatment that utilizes advanced clinical ingredients, including a bi-mineral complex to help restore elasticity and support collagen for tighter, smoother skin. The eye contour area appears brighter, smoother and firmer.

Body Treatments

body treatments

A group of customized treatments that is perfect for bringing harmony to the Mind, Body, and Spirit by relieving stress, and promoting a deep sense of relaxation, and bliss.

Stress Therapy Treatment      108

The perfect treatment to relieve stress and tension in the head, neck, shoulders and back. The soothing therapeutic blend of aromatherapy oils with hot stones will give a wonderful sense of relaxation and wellbeing.    30mins

Total Body Wellness      168

This treatment combines a blend of therapeutic rituals designed to promote detoxification, stress relief and deep relaxation. A head to toe treatment that begins with an acupressure head and face massage, followed by a gentle back massage and culminates with foot reflexology. This is the ultimate experience in mind, body and spirit healing.    60mins

Back Facial      156

A facial for the hard to reach back area, it includes a decadent body polish and a custom mask to restore the skin to a glowing and hydrated silkiness. Appropriate for problematic, sensitive or dry skin. The massage with silky Shea butter and warm stones will seal moisture into the skin while promoting deep relaxation.    45mins

Reflexology Foot Treatment      61 / 118

Based on ancient healing techniques and the theory that pressure points on the feet and hands corresponds to specific glands, organs and body parts. Thumb and finger pressure is applied to reflex points to improve circulation, relieve stress and reopen blocked energy pathways. This is a deeply relaxing, therapeutic, detoxifying and rebalancing treatment that re-sets the body’s wellness clock.    25 / 50mins

Wellness and Healing Sessions

Swedish Massage      115 / 155

A lighter style massage that incorporates long gliding strokes, tapping, friction, and kneading to bring about a deep relaxation for the entire body.    60 / 90mins

Deep Tissue Massage      135 / 175

A more specific and deep pressure technique, that integrates slower strokes and deeper pressure on affected areas. This massage focuses on realigning the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, lower back tightness, and sore shoulders.    60 / 90mins

Reiki      168 / 188

A powerful non-invasive method of healing the body, mind, and spirit. Utilizing a light hands-on approach for recharging, aligning and harmonizing the energy flow of the whole person for a balanced state of being.    60 / 90mins

Cranial Sacral Therapy      135 / 170

This technique incorporates a gentle hands-on approach that releases tension deep within the body to relieve pain, dysfunction, and improve whole-body health and performance. It is especially helpful for migraines, headaches, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, central nervous system dysfunctions, stress and tension related disorders, chronic neck and back pain, TMJ syndrome, and PTSD.    60 / 90mins

Spiritual Guidance and Intuitive Channeling      158 / 178

A connection is made with Great Spirit and your support system (Guides) to offer you insight into the movement forward on your life path, addresses any concerns that you might have in mind, and assist with the clarity you need to see your life with you in the role of the navigator and co-creator.    60 / 90mins

Shamanic Energy Medicine

body treatments

Illuminations      Starting at 239

Your Luminous Energy Field is layered in the shape of a torus. This beautiful Energy Field surrounds your body and connects into your body through the Energy Centers known as the Chakras. It is within the Luminous Energy Field that we carry the imprints of past and present life traumas. These trauma imprints become the blueprints for current destructive patterns, disease and physical illness. In the Illumination process, we clear the issues stored in the Luminous Energy Field. Once these issues caused by trauma, emotional imbalance and/or physical illness is energetically cleared, we are able to shift the energetic programming of what shows up in your physical reality. Once the Illumination takes place we begin the process of creating the action plan to a new destiny.    90mins

Waxing Services

Eyebrow 26    Lip 16   
Chin 20    Eyebrow/Lip 40   
Full face (excluding brow) 65    Eyebrow/Chin 45   
Lip/Chin 36    Eye/Lip/Chin 53   
Sideburns 22    Chest/Stomach 81   
Back 81    Bikini 43   
Bikini Plus 51    Bikini/Eyebrow 69   
Bikini/Lip 59    Full arm 60   
Half arm 42    Shoulder/Upper Arm 46   
Underarms 32    Full Leg 96   
Full Leg/Bikini 129    Upper Leg 59   
Upper leg/Bikini 92    Lower Leg 55   
Lower Leg/Bikini 92   

Tinting Services

Eyebrow Tint 26   
Eyelash Tint 31