Gift Certificates


Give the gift of Mind Body Spirit nourishment through your purchase of a gift certificate for those you love and care about in your life. At Wellspring Skin Care Clinic, we believe there is no better expression of love and appreciation than the gift of nurturing oneself.

Simply select the amount you wish to give and you will be directed to a secure payment site for easy, quick processing. You may print your gift certificate and hand deliver it or you can simply email it to the recipient of your treasured gift*.

Special Gift    $100

Give the amazing people in your life the ultimate pampering experience with this Special Gift option. They will quickly discover the immense pleasure of indulging in an act of pure self-love. And you will quickly discover the sheer joy in the giving of this precious gift!

Appreciation Gift    $50

Share the gift of peace and relaxation with the people you care for in your life with the Appreciation Gift. Everyone loves to feel appreciated and now you can show them by treating them to an experience they will want to indulge in again and again.

Thank you for choosing the gift of Wellspring Skin Care Clinic.
We look forward to serving the special people in your life who have received the blessing of your gift.

*Gift Certificates are good for one year from the date printed on the gift certificate at the time of purchase. They must be redeemed in-house at our location through the purchase of a product or service and do not include tax or gratuity.